Saturday Morning

A hint of autumn in the air.


Such a good color tissue with the sunflowers and hydrangeas.


My friend Frances spotted Bill Cunningham who takes such amazing photos for The Times. Very chic in a French workman’s smock and very charming.


Absolutely no filter – what on earth are these pears? From one of my favorite stands where the fruit would never pass muster in a supermarket – and all the better for it.


Strange notice: ANTONOUKA dry but juicy. Very old (or odd)!


The Bethel look better – or worse.


But the star of the show are the pears with their speckles and gray leaves.


So wonderful I had to put in two photos.


Bread looking picturesque.


And then on the street walking home, three paint cans just sitting there.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. You have such an eye for a good picture Elizabeth.

    On a completely different, and more serious note, the pictures coming out of Syria, the plight of the children in particular, the complete devastation of their homeland – it makes the heart bleed. I still send money since your lovely hat – but shall also make them my Christmas Charity this year – it seems Save the Children is the best way to get aid to them.

    • Thank you, Pat.
      Yes, I do love taking photos.
      I seem to have got myself signed up for a monthly Oxfam donation through the bank.
      Since my kiddies have quite enough hats and I like making them, I’m still churning them out and selling them for $25 a pop and sending the proceeds for refugee relief. So if you know anyone who needs a hat of any sort…I will make and send and trust that they will make a donation if in the UK. I ought to do a blog post about it.
      Weather still beautifully warm here. Gretchen (grandchild #2) has her first day of nursery school tomorrow.
      Henry is finding all day kindergarten very tiring since they only get 20 minutes playtime outside. What on earth desk work can a 5 year old do from 9 am to 3pm? I’m horrified!

  2. That’s cool that you and your friend ran into Bill Cunningham and that he was up to having HIS photo taken.

    PS: I still owe you a long letter.

  3. The ‘pears’ are a cross between apples and pears – a very old variety! The texture is odd (so it could be odd or old) as it is quite coarse dry grains, yet juicy. They get much juicier with age, hence the bedraggled appearance.

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