Saturday Morning

A hint of autumn in the air.


Such a good color tissue with the sunflowers and hydrangeas.


My friend Frances spotted Bill Cunningham who takes such amazing photos for The Times. Very chic in a French workman’s smock and very charming.


Absolutely no filter – what on earth are these pears? From one of my favorite stands where the fruit would never pass muster in a supermarket – and all the better for it.


Strange notice: ANTONOUKA dry but juicy. Very old (or odd)!


The Bethel look better – or worse.


But the star of the show are the pears with their speckles and gray leaves.


So wonderful I had to put in two photos.


Bread looking picturesque.


And then on the street walking home, three paint cans just sitting there.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. You have such an eye for a good picture Elizabeth.

    On a completely different, and more serious note, the pictures coming out of Syria, the plight of the children in particular, the complete devastation of their homeland – it makes the heart bleed. I still send money since your lovely hat – but shall also make them my Christmas Charity this year – it seems Save the Children is the best way to get aid to them.

    • Thank you, Pat.
      Yes, I do love taking photos.
      I seem to have got myself signed up for a monthly Oxfam donation through the bank.
      Since my kiddies have quite enough hats and I like making them, I’m still churning them out and selling them for $25 a pop and sending the proceeds for refugee relief. So if you know anyone who needs a hat of any sort…I will make and send and trust that they will make a donation if in the UK. I ought to do a blog post about it.
      Weather still beautifully warm here. Gretchen (grandchild #2) has her first day of nursery school tomorrow.
      Henry is finding all day kindergarten very tiring since they only get 20 minutes playtime outside. What on earth desk work can a 5 year old do from 9 am to 3pm? I’m horrified!

  2. That’s cool that you and your friend ran into Bill Cunningham and that he was up to having HIS photo taken.

    PS: I still owe you a long letter.

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