I first went to Florence in 1971 –  a very long time ago. It’s where Robert and I met in 1973. We lived there for a while and have been back countless times since.

Here is a collection of photos taken in late October and early November this year.


A stormy day in Fiesole


and a persimmon tree whose fruits had been left unharvested.


Also in Fiesole, pumpkins and chestnuts.


Fish in the green water of the large fountain in the Boboli Gardens


and more fish on a porcelain plate in the museum at the top of the garden.


Such elegant plates…


and as for the view!

When I win a million billion pounds in some lottery I will live in this valley.


or walk down to the Ponte Vecchio


and look at the river.



I could live in a very simple cell


as long as they sometimes let me out to eat doughnuts.

8 thoughts on “Florence

    • It really was an amazing trip. I’m always overwhelmed by the beauty of it.
      And I remembered quite a lot of Italian. We also met up with Claudia which was great.

    • Yes, I’m very lucky indeed – and I know it. It was bliss haunting all my old favorite places. Will probably post more pics and bore everyone to bits. Hope you are keeping somewhat warm?

  1. These photos are so gorgeous. And I love all the reflections, especially the sky on the tabletop before the open window, and the letters in the teacup in the last photo.

  2. Blog-hopping from Weaver’s blog, and I am so glad I did as your wonderful photographs of Florence brought back the memories of my visit there with my daughter last year. I had wanted to go for 45 years, so I was very patient! Oh, such a magical place and landscape. Thank you.

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