Almost Autumn

I managed to get separated from my blog – or the log in to the same…

Anyway, my friend Gracie moved to Long Beach where people were training as life guards.


The summer went well…


Vinny the caterpillar and his chums ate a great deal of dill…


which then formed seeds and I got a second crop.


The wonderful butterfly flower self seeded itself on the roof


add basil and mint to the old Moroccan jug.


Hydrangeas continued to enchant


and I dried some delphinium flowers.


We managed to get to Robert Moses three times


and the grandchildren continued to flourish.


Robert suggested I do a needlepoint loosely based on an old Italian plate. Lesson learned: do not attempt anything with lots and lots of circles in it.


A peach photographed on a baking tray


Some extra lovely dahlias Margaret gave me.


A photo from yesterday – photographed on a cookie sheet. The chewed leaf makes it look as if it ought to be an allegory of some sort – oddly medieval.

Spring at Last


So they were going to have a photoshoot at Tiffany & Co. It was early on a Sunday morning


and I was off to look at 5th Avenue and the park from above.


The next day the sun shone! Hooray!


There were ranunculuses like ballerinas at the green market


and a bunny family picnicking in ABC Carpet’s window.


Nearer home I savor flowers


then go for a walk to see the wisteria on 20th Street.


A Snowy Saturday and Very Cold

Not a good day for going outside…except possibly to go to the greenmarket where I find

IMG_3606interesting patterns on the rutabagas –IMG_3607

and whatever these things are…


It is miserable out and one’s hands turn red immediately.

IMG_3613Snow falls on the wool


and the bread…

IMG_3615pears and more pears…

IMG_3616so I go home to make wooly hats

IMG_3621Happy New Year!



England in November

Damp, cold, melancholy – exactly how I like it.

Herewith some some photos from Wiltshire.IMG_2592The hobbit house…IMG_2479and an apple tree…IMG_2466Rosie with her bebe gun for frightening the crows.

IMG_2602Indoors the kitchen with its open fire beckons.

IMG_2490as do the stairs.

IMG_2436In the church the shelves need dusting  – melancholy indeed

IMG_2622as are the poppies for Remembrance Sunday.IMG_2540Such stormy skies!IMG_2726And a bare tree in Surrey too.

Flowers and Vegetables

Flowers and Vegetables are reliably cheering. I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance of Union Square green market.

I’m writing this on my phone – impossible to edit.

The grass and twigs part of an installation by my 8 year old grandson.

Currently rereading Thackeray’s Vanity Fair. Very, very cynical and very very funny.

Also Quentin Bell’s 1984 A New and Noble School about the Pre-Raphaelites. Wonderfully erudite and also splendidly amusing in an art historical sort of way.

I’m working on a novella about a very badly behaved girl set in the 60’s.

Amazon has most of my other books. Just tap in Elizabeth Wix.

Happy Halloween