Some flower studies from this month – this first anemones and hellebores from the flower district which wilted almost immediately – and still looked charming.

Last year’s debris underwater on the back of an old plastic slide at my son’s house.

Much as I hate plastic, flowers look good through it…

The squirrels have been at the tulips out front…

But they look sort of cool almost dead…

And the punchiness of pansies.

Spring at last…

4 thoughts on “April

  1. Beautiful images Elizabeth – especially that first one. I have planted lots of hellebores in my new garden in the hope that they hybridise over the summer – they produce such a wonderful array of colours and actually look very pretty when they begin to wilt. My niger, which has been pure white is now turning deep pink as it dies off. Hope you are well.

  2. Such beautiful photos.
    Number 4 is, if I can have a favorite, would be this on. The dull black, old jar and a not quite red and cream tulip. Very happy the squirrels missed this one.

    cheers, parsnip

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