Almost Autumn

I managed to get separated from my blog – or the log in to the same…

Anyway, my friend Gracie moved to Long Beach where people were training as life guards.


The summer went well…


Vinny the caterpillar and his chums ate a great deal of dill…


which then formed seeds and I got a second crop.


The wonderful butterfly flower self seeded itself on the roof


add basil and mint to the old Moroccan jug.


Hydrangeas continued to enchant


and I dried some delphinium flowers.


We managed to get to Robert Moses three times


and the grandchildren continued to flourish.


Robert suggested I do a needlepoint loosely based on an old Italian plate. Lesson learned: do not attempt anything with lots and lots of circles in it.


A peach photographed on a baking tray


Some extra lovely dahlias Margaret gave me.


A photo from yesterday – photographed on a cookie sheet. The chewed leaf makes it look as if it ought to be an allegory of some sort – oddly medieval.

7 thoughts on “Almost Autumn

  1. How lovely to see your name in print again for the first time since May Elizabeth. I often think about our day in NY all those years ago. Still I miss my darling farmer every single day but life goes on.
    Enjoy Autumn now that it has arrived.

    • So glad to hear from you. I too remember our day in New York with great pleasure. It was so lovely to meet you and David. Yes, you must miss him so sorely. Still pretty warm here. Off to watch the two bigger grandchildren play soccer.

  2. Such lovely images, Elizabeth – you have an extraordinary eye! I’m glad your summer held special treats and also glad to see your blog back in action! Do let me know if and when you visit London again! xx

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