Veg Therapy and How to Try to Keep Semi-Sane

In these unsettling and most peculiar times I look for diversions

IMG_8160.jpglike contemplating a lovely dessert with blackberries and figs


or maybe quinces – but am not certain what I would do with the quinces. I like the look and the name but not the taste really.


Apples are easy but the Winesaps won’t be here until next week.


Teeny, tiny pears all sheeny with wetness.

IMG_8161.jpgThen I’m delighted by pinkness and buy dahlias which will only last three days – but lots of nice things last even less time than that.


Oh my! what a dazzle for the eye!


The mescalun looks as if it has been arranged – but it hasn’t.


Romanesco is worth mediating on  – all Fibonacci and architectural – look at the little group of singers at the top in their soft green dresses under the coral overhang – or make up another story entirely. Or, according to Mee (the friend who did the cookbook) bake it inside a Godzilla cake and astound the kiddies.


An orange nose has poked itself into the ghost gourds.

IMG_8180.jpgThis decorative gourd is all warty and weird – maybe it’s enchanted. In the end I brought the dahlias home and took their photo on the dining table.


And that was my morning avoiding watching the news or doing any writing or anything remotely useful. And so we go on!


October is one of my favorite months – the beginning of the turning of the year and a little bit decaying and mystical…

IMG_7977 2.jpg

Nothing like an old baking sheet background for gloomy…


This is a sunflower squash


posing as a space alien.


These are some pears


and more pears


and a pomegranate from a street cart and flowers from Bobby’s garden.


Some meadow flowers hanging on to summer at the green market


so joyful.

5135D877-5FF6-473E-A165-D58EC057EBBAbut pumpkin season is upon us

IMG_7971.jpgand acorns


and an eggplant with some sort of message –

when we get to the beach

IMG_8117.jpgI find a poor fishy who is unlikely to send any more messages…