October is one of my favorite months – the beginning of the turning of the year and a little bit decaying and mystical…

IMG_7977 2.jpg

Nothing like an old baking sheet background for gloomy…


This is a sunflower squash


posing as a space alien.


These are some pears


and more pears


and a pomegranate from a street cart and flowers from Bobby’s garden.


Some meadow flowers hanging on to summer at the green market


so joyful.

5135D877-5FF6-473E-A165-D58EC057EBBAbut pumpkin season is upon us

IMG_7971.jpgand acorns


and an eggplant with some sort of message –

when we get to the beach

IMG_8117.jpgI find a poor fishy who is unlikely to send any more messages…



7 thoughts on “October

  1. That ‘space alien’ has a very scary beak and eyes – glad you had plenty of lovely Autumn flowers after it to cheer me up! Hope you are well and enjoying life.

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