Men About Town and an Intrusion of Orange.

A selection of men I’ve seen during the last two weeks.

Maybe next week – or whenever I get to it – I’ll find some women to take photos of.


The knitting season has commenced so I went to Lion Brand to buy orange cashmere for a baby hat from the Knitting Maven. Orange is not my favorite color. I have been trying to like it – see below –


Only good as a complement to blue.


A scene from the Long Island Rail Road.


Back in the city, time to change the posters under The High Line.


and ready the galleries for the opening of the fall season.


Time to contemplate a new beer venue where Mike’s butcher’s once was on 9th Avenue


and consider a breakfast burrito in Chelsea Market.


Taxi waiting to be cleaned at the carwash on  24th Street this morning.

3 thoughts on “Men About Town and an Intrusion of Orange.

  1. Interesting slice of life here Elizabeth. I don’t like orange either – but, as you say, it is a wonderful complement to blue. I have a deep blue plate I bought in Marrakesh years ago and it is at its best filled with oranges.

  2. I am a fan of orange in the right place, a glorious sunset/sunrise, a shot of orange can brighten up a dull blanket. The colour orange is the colour of adventure and social communication apparently. Love the photos with the little touch of orange.

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