Vegetable Matter

Nature, in its place, has much to recommend it and is very pretty to look at. See hydrangeas in Lori’s yard below.


This has been a splendid year for hydrangeas all around.


Lovely ones at Union Square. I do get a bit bored, however, with people who ‘love nature’ in general. I make exceptions for mosquitos, black mambas, typhoons -you get the idea.

I’m more of a Marie Antoinette sort of nature lover – would hate to be like Tess of the Durbervilles  freezing miserably in a potato field – or Ivan Denysovich out in the Siberian elements.


Cosmos – again from Union Square


and salad stuff seen rather bigger than life size.


Veggies that are utterly good for you when you have finished taking photos of them



the one light yellow cosmos from last year’s seeds and some dill weed seeds – seen larger than life. The green plate from the south of Morocco.


5 thoughts on “Vegetable Matter

  1. Hydrangeas have done very well here this year too Elizabeth. Your flowers and veg in NYC always look so fresh and delicious.
    Re that Moroccan plate – I bought three when I was there just like that but they are gold, green and dark blue. I love them. I always put either lemons and limes or peaches and nectarines on the deep blue one – they look lovely.

  2. all such beautiful images!! Our hygrandea’s have been spectacular this year too and our vegetable garden is finally coming around…weirdly wet spring, I’m hoping for a nice long fall…

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