Summer Approaches

The Sound is perfectly calm.


The picnic table awaits us.IMG_1003

No one on the beach yet and the water is chilly.


The children go in anywayIMG_0996

to look for interesting stones


to toss as far as they possibly can.


Peonies from Union Square


like debutantes in ball gowns.

9 thoughts on “Summer Approaches

  1. oh, those peonies! mine are about 50 cm high, not yet green but that strange red color when they emerge from soil.
    we get some sun, but temps aren’t really warm, and it seems to be windier than ever before. gardening has gotten a very slow start this year, only today planted carrot and beet seeds.
    hope you’re all well, belly rub for king B!

  2. Not only calm but quiet. Very inviting. Children growing fast. What fun you have with them. It was lovely to have a long chat while you were in England Elizabeth. Thanks for phoning. Hugs.

  3. I’ve been very much enjoying catching up on many of your posts. Your photography is wonderful, as always!!! My husband no longer works down by Union Square so I think my random bouquets of beautiful flowers are going to be gifted to me less frequently. : ( I would’ve loved a bunch of those gorgeous peonies!!! One of my favorite flowers!!! Have a beautiful weekend, Elizabeth!! xo

    ~ Wendy

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