Flowers at Liberty’s

Utterly good taste, astoundingly lovely flowers cluster round Liberty’s front entrance.


I don’t remember them selling flowers when I worked there in the early 70’s. I just remember learning that you can clean book covers with Windex and lusting after Tuffin and Foale Liberty print dresses.


Such an enchanting meadowIMG_0450

with lupins and peonies and foxgloves... IMG_0452

all in terribly chic shabby chic containers.IMG_0480

There are even late hyacinths


and all these can be made into bouquets by skilled hands.

Claudia and I had a cream tea instead


and bought swanky jasmine soap.

4 thoughts on “Flowers at Liberty’s

  1. Didn’t realise that you were in London Elizabeth!
    I love all things Liberty and used to make straight for there in the days when London was always on my Summer school holidays itinerary. Years since I went now, other than passing through on my wayto Heathrow or Gatwick – and not even that for the last few years. The farmer would hate it! Your photographs made me feel nostalgic.

  2. What a gorgeous display! I have yet to visit London – one day! – but when I do, Liberty’s it will be on my list of places to visit.

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