A Walk

At last when I look out of the window


I see green which is a great thrill. The weather is suddenly astoundingly hot -80F. I have discovered that my new cell phone has a sort of device on it which records how far I walk. Like David Sedaris, in his amusing recent New Yorker essay, I have become obsessed with bumping up my numbers.


So I decided to walk to Macy’s instead of going the one stop on the subway. I am utterly outside my comfort zone but snap pictures anyway. Macy’s is the usual madhouse with very nice salespeople who work out how much one can get off anything.


I am too lazy to hike home so get  a cab


which is reflected in a swanky SUV


and I spy another cab. New York is looking rather gritty.


In the afternoon, still determined to rack up miles on the phone, we walk to the Hudson and back via 20th Street.


It is a lovely sunny day with bright crisp reflections


in windows


wisteria blooming


and pink petals underfoot.

My phone said I walked more than six miles. Yippee! Almost about as boring as people who discuss their weight loss or lack thereof.