Oh to be in England…


Well, it was April after all


and the log fire burned merrily in the hearth.


The ghost was nowhere to be seen


though the light bounced off all sorts of things in the sitting room.


The dew was heavy on the lawn.


Outside the kitchen


a single red tulip in the grass – and Marmite on the window sill.


Houses galore


even a house fit for a hobbit.


Cowslips, dandelions, grape hyacinth  and tulips make a lawn in the orchard.


Primroses too


just look at the grass


and peek in at the windows.


Primroses under the rose.


10 thoughts on “Oh to be in England…

  1. oh, how quintessentially, and prettily english! the window sills, the colors, the garden…
    my garden seems to be the battlefield for young buck deer, or their dinner buffee. apple trees are starting to bloom, hoping the weather will hold until bloomings done. it’s been unusually warm and sunny for the last week or so. the garden needs a ton of work which the one with two good hands isn’t very interested in doing. oh well.
    the cast is coming off on thursday, there will be another scar as the doc couldn’t use the previous spots. he, or someone else, nicked nervus ulnaris during surgery and my pinky and ring finger are somewhat numb, hoping that will pass with time.
    hugs, belly rub for buster!

  2. What a beautiful place, Elizabeth. Imagine the generations that lived there. You describe it so well I want to live there!

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