March 21st

Went up to 28th Street today to look for spring flowers to put in the tree pits.


Lots of cheery choices outside in the cold. Much warmer inside as you can see from the moisture in the windows.


Nice falling apart window frames.


Trader Joe’s on 6th Avenue – lots of flowers in the window. I bought a little basil plant $2.99


and white ranunculas and lilac hyacinth.


Spent the morning making the flowers look artistic against black…



Tea and Sympathy


I have been on Instagram quite a lot lately with a bookish group of people.


They read a lot of books and drink a lot of tea and have very nice china and excellent settings to drink the tea. And there are often lovely flowers. Beth Bonini posted a photo of a gorgeous cake – but her commentary was fascinating too. How we spackle over various things. Anyway, charming domesticity has its delights. Herewith lemons on a plate bought at a jumble sale by Robert’s grandmother.


Lemons squeezed into the batter of the cupcakes above.

And yes, you can eat raw batter. The head of the ER at Mount Sinai told me so. He does. So there. (Probably would not let the grandchildren do so…)


Baked cupcakes.


Messy family tea. Clotted cream! Scones! and yes, I did put too much red dye in the icing.


The right kind of primula for taking to Margaret’s


The right kind of pears for the same. (Take photos first. Put next to cracked Moroccan jug I can’t bring myself to chuck out.)


Margaret has bought home lemon meringue  thingies from The Met. Yum.


My contribution the said pears. She is much more elegant than me.