Spitalfields houses

A walk round the neighborhood.  Such lovely 18th century houses. Many beautifully restored.  

Of course I want to live in all of them.

We discover one is open as part of The Heritage Trust’s 50th anniversary. We go in.  

As lovely inside as out.    The proportions are perfect.   

The windows either have internal shutters or else reflections.
Or ghost writing by the doors.  


Some haven’t been done up yet.        And some have excellent door knockers.

It’s rather hard composing posts on the phone so please excuse errors!

4 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I enjoyed your photos of London and Surrey. I too have been back to England last week, but it was Cornwall. I really felt calmed at seeing the bluebells, cow parsley and the beautiful rhododendrons at Glendurgan. Next time I go, it will be October so can pick cooking apples from my apple tree.

    • Totally stunning changes.
      Ah, if one had had the foresight to buy a wreck there 30 years ago….!
      Will read your story as soon as I have recovered from jet lag!

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