Night and Art


The moon has been extra splendid lately. Very large and bright so I rushed up to the roof to capture it.


And this from ground level.


A really bad photo but mysterious.


Yesterday morning we went up to the roof to take photos of Robert’s latest paintings which are to do with people interacting – or not interacting – in the city. We looked down on a tour bus.


Bright clear day with the Google Building in the background with all sorts of people being creative. Robert’s people look forward – but not at each other.


Here there are lots and lots of people mingling as in a great stream flowing through the city.


Here is an artsy wall from 22nd Street with shadows of torn paper and graffiti.


I couldn’t resist the tuilps at Union Square looking like a Dutch still life already.

5 thoughts on “Night and Art

  1. Those nighttime photographs are amazing Elizabeth – so exciting. Interesting to see those tulips for sale individually. I like your new site and I love Robert’s pictures – is a close up possible so that I can get a better view

  2. love the look here and the art and moon shots, especially the mysterious one…I am dropping typepad. Right now I’m using my tumblr account to see how that works. There is no easy way to leave a ‘comment’

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love the full moon in the first photo and the vibrancy of the tulips. Robert’s paintings are always so impressive. He’s just so GOOD at painting! You have me dreaming of New York today.

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