Apparently the Danish word ‘hygge’ – pronounced hoogah – was chosen one of the trending words of the ill-fated year 2016. It has to do with cosiness and comfort and how to survive a long cold winter. Candles – a soft, kind, romantic light. Chatting with friends.


Chatting with friends about books. Finding faces in cookies…

Books – to escape into different worlds without the use of technology.


Walking and bicycling – exercise and transportation rolled into one – no pollution either.

Knitting – most therapeutic and producing endless cosy wooly hats for which there may or may not be takers….


It all sounds splendidly friendly and lazy and not striving at all…

Home made soup, perhaps and paper whites at the window.




etc etc

I’m sure comfort also lies in having access to health care etc etc…


I discover I am wonderfully in tune with the times and didn’t know it.


Happy New Year!



7 thoughts on “Hygge

  1. I saw a face in the cookie before I scrolled down to the text and thought maybe I was the only one seeing faces, phew ! Love those walnut hugging cookies, and yes, it seems serenity comes in many forms, including heath care….

  2. Happy New Year, Elizabeth, to you and yours. And may hygge continue to be yours all year long! I know your photos are often a comfort to me, and no doubt, many others as well. Thank you for sharing your world.

  3. Lovely post Elizabeth. I love the way you keep up all your interests and knit away at those hats. My grand daughter is thrilled to bits with her two and my direct debit to Medicins sans Frontieres has just gone into my bank.

  4. You are definitely right on trend, Elizabeth!
    This does indeed seem the only sane (and comforting) response to deeply disturbing world events. May 2017 be a better year for us all. Loads of good wishes to you and your family xxx

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