Green Thoughts

What would I do without the green market to take photos of?


White and red currents with a suitably sere leaf.


Squash flowers to be lightly battered ( but not by me!)


A complete meadow of black-eyes Susans and daisies and so forth.


Shasta daisies…


And then the edible flowers – photographed in their plastic containers which render them misty and mysterious. As a child I ate nasturtiums and honey suckle and maybe chomped on clover.


But the current fashion for eating snapdragons and chive flowers etc etc is more to do with looks than taste, I think. Others may disagree.


But they do look stunning.


As regards my own humble horticultural efforts on the roof: this year I’m attempting an egg plant (seen here). I have a great deal too much mint and a lot of sage that looks charming but I never eat. There is kale but I never eat that either.


And here is a tiny posy on my table.

Reading notes:

Green Thoughts by Eleanor Perenyi

Landscape and Memory by the brilliant Simon Sharma who grew up in Essex like me.

And a Famous Five  adventure by the much maligned Enid Blyton – just to see how she moves plot and conflict – and gosh, was she good at it.


5 thoughts on “Green Thoughts

  1. Oh Elizabeth I am so happy I can still see your fabulous photos.
    They make me very happy.
    How are you both doing ? I wish I lived nearer to you.
    I want to sign up for instagram but have to find the time with son.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I do like the pic with the Black Eyed Susans. interesting to see the edible flowers in containers. Yes Clover as a child and Nasturtiums but only managed to use flowers as decoration as an adult. Not very adventurous in this area I guess.

  3. Stunning photos of all these beautiful flowers!
    I never eat flowers… but I would like to try…

    Thanks for add Leaves of Grass on your list of Cool Blogs. 🙂
    Wishing you and Robert a nice weekend.

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