Spring 2015

I’m still experimenting with this site and have been playing around with the tintype app on my new phone. Tintype, one of the earlier forms of photography, makes everything look old and somewhat mysterious.


Here is the view from our east window on a horribly rainy day when the Empire State Building almost vanishes into the mist.


The same morning walking between the buildings of Penn South.


Here contemporary children walk to school looking almost as if they come from the 1940’s.


And Henry setting up a game


and making a card for Grandpa.


Gretchen doing the same.

Horribly cold this Friday – hats and scarves and winter coat weather. Depressing…

12 thoughts on “Spring 2015

  1. I love this new blog, Elizabeth! And your photos are beautiful. I like the tintype moodiness of NYC and your grandchildren are adorable.

    • Happy Spring, Susanna! Have been thinking about you often. We should chat very soon. I’m thinking it’s time for a few changes in creative world. Hope all is well your end after this unending winter.x

  2. Interesting. Will be interesting to see how this works for you Elizabeth. Will be visiting your other blogs soon. Blogging has taken a back seat with busyness recently. Hope you get some better weather soon.

  3. Really enjoy looking at your work…each piece has a ” life” of its own. Love the effect on each image of the tintype series… Looking forward to looking at many more.
    Regards, Jayne

  4. Hello Elizabeth, came fro FB – Have been at WordPress for little over a year and I like it! Somehow it’s easier to connect to other bloggers, and carry on a real conversation:) – also, because you can respond without visiting their blog. Hope for you Spring wil break through soon!

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