Spring at Last


So they were going to have a photoshoot at Tiffany & Co. It was early on a Sunday morning


and I was off to look at 5th Avenue and the park from above.


The next day the sun shone! Hooray!


There were ranunculuses like ballerinas at the green market


and a bunny family picnicking in ABC Carpet’s window.


Nearer home I savor flowers


then go for a walk to see the wisteria on 20th Street.


A Snowy Saturday and Very Cold

Not a good day for going outside…except possibly to go to the greenmarket where I find

IMG_3606interesting patterns on the rutabagas –IMG_3607

and whatever these things are…


It is miserable out and one’s hands turn red immediately.

IMG_3613Snow falls on the wool


and the bread…

IMG_3615pears and more pears…

IMG_3616so I go home to make wooly hats

IMG_3621Happy New Year!



England in November

Damp, cold, melancholy – exactly how I like it.

Herewith some some photos from Wiltshire.IMG_2592The hobbit house…IMG_2479and an apple tree…IMG_2466Rosie with her bebe gun for frightening the crows.

IMG_2602Indoors the kitchen with its open fire beckons.

IMG_2490as do the stairs.

IMG_2436In the church the shelves need dusting  – melancholy indeed

IMG_2622as are the poppies for Remembrance Sunday.IMG_2540Such stormy skies!IMG_2726And a bare tree in Surrey too.